Match Directors
Dan Newton & Chris Collins

Sam John & Tom Clyde Assistant Match Directors

Third Thursday of Each Month

Sign up 4:00pm-7:00pm

 Be on Time.  No Score Cards will be given out after 7:00pm
Check the calendar or match webpage for updates

Match Fee – $17.00 Members, $22.00 Guests

This match can be shot with either a Shotgun or a Pistol Caliber Carbine
New Shooters must get a Mandatory Briefing by a Match Director

Latest Match Results

Previous matches can be retrieved by putting the date after the above match name in the format of YYMMDD. For example, to retrieve the Sept 14, 2011 match, go to /results/tac_shotgun110914.pdf


Limited Shotgun


 Tactical Shotgun and Pistol Caliber Carbine Match Description

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The match is held on the Third Thursday of each month unless noted on Rio Salado web site calendar. This is a practical shooting match designed to be shot with Shotguns OR Pistol Caliber Carbines. Sign up time is from 4:00 PM to 7:00PM with all new shooters required to obtain a safety briefing by a Match Director prior to shooting a match. No score cards will be sold after 7PM.

We offer the following classes depending on the type of Shotgun you are shooting: Open, Limited  Pump and Stealth.  This is a “fun match” and no prizes are awarded. We shoot four stages that can be shot with either a Shotgun or a Pistol Caliber Carbine Rifle. Targets used are IPSC style paper, steel plates, poppers, both static and flying clay targets. The courses of fire are challenging and require movement from shooting positions.

ONLY SHOTGUN SHOOTERS ARE ALLOWED TO ENGAGE CLAY TARGETS. In most cases, carbine shooters will engage yellow steel instead of flyers (DO NOT LOAD FLYERS FOR CARBINE SHOOTERS)

Shotguns commonly used (auto or pump) are the Remington 1100, 870, Benelli, Mossburg 500, etc. with a minimum of 20ga. For ammo you will need about 75 rounds of bird shot, no larger than #6 shot. You should also bring 10-15 of each shotgun slugs and 00 Buckshot. Most likely you will only shoot around 4-8 rounds of each and not at every match. You may use any type of magazine pouches or shotgun shell belt to hold extra ammo.  For pistol caliber carbines bring 100+ rounds.

Safety Note

ALL rifles/shotguns must be carried or stored in one of the following conditions: Carry with muzzle up if not in a gun case. A Chamber Flag is required. These are plastic flags that are placed in the chamber to show the firearm chamber is empty and open. The use of a Chamber Flag is required until the RO gives the “Make Ready” command and must be re-inserted when the RO gives the “Flag” command. We highly recommend the use of soft gun cases when carrying your rifle/shotgun between stages. Store rifle/shotgun on the range tables pointed into the side berms. Eye protection is mandatory while on Rio Salado Range at ALL times. Hearing protection is always required while shooting.

There will be no pre-loading of firearms. Since we do not have dedicated ROs to supervise this, we can not pre-load like at the SMM3G. The only loading will be done at the direction of the RO holding the clock.