This is a great alternative to shoot without using up hard to acquire ammo. This will be an activity under the Bullseye Division. Matches will be held every Wednesday evening at 6:00 PM (5:00 practice). The course of fire is slow fire (ten shots in ten minutes). If you shoot Monday night Bullseye this promises to help improve your slow fire. We will each shoot 6 relays of ten shots for a total of 60 shots. So bring enough pellets for the match and some practice.

TIME: Practice-5:00pm, Match start-6:00pm
LOCATION: Training Center (Just before the Main Range on the left).
FEE’S: Club members $6.00 and non-members $8.00

Equipment needed:

  • Any .177 caliber pellet air pistol. On alternating weeks a 10 meter .177 caliber air rifle or pistol can be used.
  • A spotting scope is very handy (10-20 power) some people use binoculars.
  • About 100 rounds of ammunition (60 rounds for the match the rest for some practice).
  • A range bag or gun box to case and uncase your pistol on the firing line.