In order to be eligible for a 2019 USPSA Nationals slot through Rio Salado Sportsman's Club, you must have shot a minimum of 25% of our USPSA club matches, in the same division, for the calendar year of 2018. That is to say, for example, to be eligible for a Limited Nationals slot, you must have shot Limited in a minimum of 25% of our USPSA club matches for the 2018 calendar year. We held 32 matches in 2018, so the minimum number of matches to qualify is 8.

Of the people who are eligible to receive a slot, those slots will be allocated based on the following criteria:

  • Average Match Finish
  • Number of Matches Shot
  • Total Accumulated Match Points

Slots will be awarded by Average Match Finish. In the case of a tie, Number of Matches Shot will be used to break the tie. In the event of yet another tie, Total Accumulated Match Points will be used as the final tie-breaker.

As far as the number of slots that we received from the USPSA, we took that number and, based on participation, allocated more or less to a particular division where there are multiple divisions in the match. For example, Open and PCC are in the same match in the 2019 Nationals so, based on participation, 5 of our 7 total slots for that match will go to Open and the other 2 will go to PCC. The number of slots that we received are as follows:

  • Open and PCC: 7 Slots (5 Open, 2 PCC)
  • Limited and CO: 4 Slots (3 Limited, 1 CO)
  • Production and Limited-10: 4 Slots (3 Production, 1 Limited-10)
  • Single Stack and Revolver: 12 Slots (8 Single Stack, 4 Revolver)

The following table shows the current standings for all eligible shooters. Each eligible shooter will be contacted, in the order as described above, and offered a slot. If the shooter passes on their slot, it will go to the next shooter on the list.

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