Tom Rubel
Division Director

Match Directors

Dave Sabia & Sue Little

 Fourth Sunday of Each Month

7:00am (April-Sept) – 8:00am (Oct-Mar)

→ Be on Time.  Registration Closes 1 1/2 hours after the start of the Match ←
Check the RSSC Calendar for updates

Match Fee – $13.00 Guests, $10.00 Members

 Latest Match Results
Are sent to the competitor if the email address is on the scorecard.

This is a great place to start!  It’s family oriented.  It’s stress-free.  It’s relatively inexpensive.  AND IT’s FUN!  Our .22 pistol match is geared for both the newer shooter and those experienced.  We have had shooters from age 6 to 86 but it is recommended that the new and young shooters have some experience safely handling their pistol.  If your family is sharing a pistol and/or you only have one or two magazines, we can help you load your mags while you are shooting or we can put your card down one shooter to give you/family member time to reload or regroup–if that works for you.  We are here to make this activity fun for all. If at any time you have a question or need someone to boost your confidence, you will find plenty around you willing to help out.

Any .22 rimfire pistol can be used; it needs to be kept in some kind of hard or soft case/bag.  Ideally, it is helpful to have 5-6 magazines as each stage requires 5 runs and you’ll need approximately 150 rounds for each person depending on stage design and skill level.

When name is called , bring your bag to the table with your loaded magazines. We adhere to the basic USPSA rules (8.3) so that our commands are:

  • “Make Ready”  (you can then unbag pistol and insert the loaded magazine, touch pistol muzzle on table waiting…
  • “Are You Ready?”  (you don’t need to answer; if not ready, then you need to tell the Range Officer—person with the timer) No or Not ready.
  • “Standby” (command should be followed by the start signal Beep within 1-4 seconds)
  • After you finish with that run, you can automatically reload and get ready for the next run—waiting for the RO to give the next “Are You Ready Command” and “Standby”
    This is the ONLY match that if you have a malfunction, you get to take a “mulligan” and start over.
  • When you have finished with all 5 runs, then RO says:
    “If You Are Finished, Unload And Show Clear”
    If Clear; bag it  (this is a deviation from USPSA rules since we don’t use holsters and we don’t want you to pull the trigger on your .22 pistol as this can damage some firing pins on rimfire firearms)
    “Range Is Clear”

Above All, The Basic Rules of the .22 Match Are

#1 Be Safe
#2 Have Fun
#3 Learn shooting skills
#4 Have Fun
#5 Never Get Disappointed
#6 Have Fun
#7 If You Have A Malfunction, Take A Mulligan And Start Over

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