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An Arizona Game and Fish Range. Managed by the Rio Salado Sportsman's Club, Inc.

Monday Night Bullseye

Join Us for a fun filled night of shooting!

In case of questionable weather! The final decision will be made by 4pm on the day of the shoot! Match canceled if temp prediction is 40 or lower or 110 or higher by 7pm! (according to Accuweather) For Accuweather link, click here!

Match Information:

  • Match Date/Time: Each Monday/Setup 5pm, Practice 5:30pm, Match 6:30pm till about 9pm
  • Match Location: Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club – Small Bore Range
  • Match Cost: $7.00 – Members, $10.00 – Nonmembers
  • Check our calendar for any updates as we only shoot once in July and once in August.

Equipment needed:

  • Any caliber handgun can be used from rimfire to centerfire
  • A spotting scope is very handy (15-20 power, most common is a 20 power. No need for anything higher.)
  • About 150 rounds of ammunition (90 rounds for the match the rest for some practice and for alibi’s)
  • A roll of masking tape (Used to patch holes outside of the center target area)
  • A staple gun (Used to hold new targets)
  • A range bag or gun box

While semi auto is the most common and recomended style of pistol, revolvers can also be used. Scopes with no more than 2x magnification, red dot or iron sights can be used. Because this is a club event you are allowed to shoot either one handed or two handed. However you are required to shoot freestanding with no support. If you are handicapped we will make every effort to accomodate you.

For Questions Contact Division Director Bob Logan

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