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Practical Pistol Division

Jim Adame, Practical Division Director

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ICORE Revolver1st Sunday
Dirtbaggers1st Thursday
Rio Salado Defensive Pistol2nd Wednesday Night
Hosemasters Practical Pistol4th Saturday
Rio Salado Practical Pistol3rd Saturday
Red Mountain Action Pistol3rd Sunday
Red Mountain Action Rifle3rd Sunday
Usery Pass Pistol League2nd Sunday
Intro to Steel4th Sunday
36th Annual USPSA Area II Desert ClassicNovember 8th-12th, 2023
Western States Single Stack ChampionshipFebruary 23rd-26th, 2023
Practical Shooting Starter CourseEvery Monday Night & the Saturday before
Intro to Steel Match
Obtaining Pistol Bay Privileges
Useful Pistol Links and other Info
Additional Staff Contacts

Anyone not a member of Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club (RSSC) must sign a RSSC Liability Waiver each match. Parents of minors must sign each time for their children even if they have a family membership.

The RSSC Waiver is at the Registration Window or Download it Here


Summer hours are in effect April 1 to September 30.  Most matches will begin at 7:00am.
Winter hours are October-March.  Most Matches will begin at 8:00am.

USPSA Matches using Practiscore require Pre-Registration.
Pre-Registration at Clubs.PractiScore.com is open from 6pm on Monday before the match to 6:00pm on the night before the match.

   → All shooters must be on the range and ready to shoot at their start time. No Late Starts.   Walk-ups can show up but there is no guarantee you will get to shoot.

Check the RSSC Calendar or the match webpage for updates

Practical Shooting Starter Course Requirements:

All NEW shooters must attend the Practical Shooting Safety Course (PSSC) BEFORE competing in Tuesday Night Steel or any of the following “Practical Division” Matches:

  • ICORE Revolver
  • Action Shooting 101 Match
  • Hosemasters Match
  • RSPP Match
  • RMAP Match
  • UPPL Match
  • Intro To Steel (I2S) – PSSC required for “Draw Status“.  Novice competitors may participate, but will NOT be allowed to draw without the PSSC.
    FIRST TIME I2S Shooters:  From the I2S Page, Download, Print and Review the Safety Outline & Waiver.  Bring the outline & waiver with you to the match. There is a mandatory safety meeting, quiz and gun/holster inspection before you may shoot I2S.  Please go to the Intro To Steel Page for more info!

Go to the PSSC Page for class dates and registration info.

To Help Our Matches Run Smoothly:

  • Be checked in and ready to shoot at your start time. Check-in window opens at least 30 minutes prior to your start time.
  • Help with Stages: Qualified people need to run the clock and the iPad. Shooters waiting their turn need to be assisting with taping, resetting steel, and helping with picking up brass.

Reshoot Procedures: You must see a match director before ANY reshoot is allowed.

USPSA Nationals Slots

The slots earned for the AZ Real Section generally arrive in March, are processed, and then passed out to those that earned them.  We have a very limited number of slots for both the Open/L10 and Limited/Prod/Rev national championship matches.  If you are contacted, please respond as quickly as possible so that the next in line can get their chance if you do not need or want your slot.

The qualifications for earning a AZ Real Section slot are:

  • Must be a member of both USPSA and Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club for the previous calendar year.
  • All scores from the previous calendar year are tabulated and you are ranked by your best 5 scores.  Ties are resolved by the higher number of matches shot.
  • You must have shot at least 5 matches in that division at the regularly held weekend matches of UPPL, RSPP, RMAP, or Hosemasters.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Steve Leach
USPSA AZ Real Section Coordinator

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