AZ ROCKS! Arizona Rocks Revolver Club 

First Sunday
Winter Hours (December-April) 9:00AM
Summer Hours (May-November) 8:00AM

 Match Directors
Rudy Warren & Joe Hannis

Match Fee – $15.00 Members, $17.00 Guests

Latest Match Results

Previous matches can be retrieved by putting the date after the above match name in the format of YYMMDD. For example, to retrieve the Jan 2, 2011 match, go to /results/revo110102.pdf

Anyone not a member of Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club (RSSC) must sign a RSSC Liability Waiver each match. Parents of minors must sign each time for their children even if they have a family membership.
The RSSC Waiver is at the Registration Window or Download it Here

These  matches combine elements of IPSC, the Bianchi Cup, and the Steel Challenge into matches exclusively for revolvers. Scoring is based on total time (no hit factors, faster is better), so match results can be easily calculated by hand. Poor hits or misses simply add time to a shooters score. The matches may score shooters using the Lewis scoring system, a system that classifies a shooter based on his performance in a match, so first time shooters can easily be ranked against experienced competitors.

New Shooter Information

Question: What equipment do I need?

Answer: Minimum equipment is a revolver of .32 magnum caliber or larger (.38 Special is most common), a holster which holds the firearm securely and covers the trigger guard, and a belt strong enough to carry the revolver and ammunition in a safe manner. All participants and spectators must wear eye and ear protection when shooting is in progress. Other useful stuff is a minimum of five speed loaders and pouches to carry them, a cylinder brush and a box or bag for carrying your gear. If you would like to shoot but don’t quite have all the gear, we can arrange to lend equipment for the match. Generally, 150 rounds are sufficient to complete all courses of fire.

Question: What happens at monthly AZ Rocks ICORE match?

Answer:  The day begins with the Match Directors and three or four others showing up at 7:00AM to begin setup. As other shooters arrive, they pitch in if they like. Around 7:30 the shooters form up in line at the “Stat Shack” to pay the range fees and write their names and the type of revolver they are shooting on the provided score sheets. At around 8:00AM the shooters’ meeting starts with a brief discussion of events, news, or club business. The Match Directors then describes the courses of fire, starting positions and other pertinent information. The shooters then divide up into 4 groups (squads) of roughly 8 to 10 shooters, with each squad starting at a different stage (course of fire).  After your group shoots your first stage, they should move as a group to another stage of their choice.  Drop off your completed score sheets at the stat shack as you complete the stages.  Failure to do so and we won’t know your scores!  All first time shooters are very welcome at our matches.  Your first time at the match, we will introduce you to an experienced “host” shooter that you will stay with for the entire match.  They will help guide you thru the match.

Our range is a cold range, which means no loaded guns, until someone tells you to load your gun on the course of fire.  So don’t bring a loaded gun.  When you get to the range to sign up, and it’s your first time, ask for one of the Match Directors and they will tell you where, when  and how to go about putting on your holster, gear and handling your gun.

Our goal is to be safe, have fun, and hopefully shoot well!  Come join us!

More Info on ICORE is available here

International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts