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2023 Carry Optics Nationals Slot Allocation

In order to be eligible for a 2023 USPSA Carry Optics Nationals slot through Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club, you must have shot in the Carry Optics division a minimum of 8 out of the 35 USPSA club matches held in the calendar year of 2022. If you believe that you have shot 8 matches in Carry Optics for 2022, but do not appear in the list, or you believe that the number of matches that you shot may be incorrect, please email riopractical@gmail.com.

Of the people who are eligible to receive a slot, those slots will be allocated based on the following criteria:

  • Average Match Finish
  • Number of Matches Shot
  • Total Accumulated Match Points

We received 5 slots for the 2023 USPSA Carry Optics Nationals. 4 slots will be awarded based on the criteria listed above, and 1 slot will be awarded for contributions to the club over the course of the year; a “Captain’s Pick”, so to speak.

Slots will be awarded by Average Match Finish. In the case of a tie, Number of Matches Shot will be used to break the tie. In the event of yet another tie, Total Accumulated Match Points will be used as the final tie-breaker. The match will be held in June in Marengo, OH. For more information on the match, visit the USPSA website. In an effort to be fair to the next person in line, please only accept a slot if you intend to go. We have had many slots go to waste in the past and, with so many CO shooters and so few slots to give, it would be a shame to see a slot go unused while there was someone who would have otherwise used it.

The following table shows the current standings for all eligible shooters. Each eligible shooter will be contacted, in the order as described above, and offered a slot. If the shooter passes on their slot, it will go to the next shooter on the list. If there are any unclaimed slots, they will be given on a first come, first served basis.

DivisionFirst NameLast NameAverage FinishTotal Matches ShotTotal Match Points
 Carry Optics M Chuey 3.62 21 10267.0263
 Carry Optics L Weinstein 3.87 15 7382.4895
 Carry Optics R Mcmaken 4.53 14 7301.5237
 Carry Optics A Ramos 5.60 15 7027.7041
 Carry Optics S Ruthven 6.47 17 6958.5834
 Carry Optics C Herding 6.50 8 3901.6873
 Carry Optics R Bays 6.75 12 4974.0131
 Carry Optics M Gunnell 7.18 22 9992.5155
 Carry Optics Z Fisher 7.42 17 9807.2949
 Carry Optics S Dittmann 8.30 27 11043.4545
 Carry Optics N Ingrao 8.53 17 6546.9008
 Carry Optics G Schorbach 9.48 25 10197.4562
 Carry Optics D Tran 10.50 14 5591.6928
 Carry Optics G Blank 10.68 28 10862.8484
 Carry Optics S Gonzalez 11.63 19 7094.3293
 Carry Optics K Ferstl 12.39 18 7190.2503
 Carry Optics G Erickson 12.88 10 8092.3468
 Carry Optics M Navarro 14.62 13 4755.7302
 Carry Optics F Koch 14.65 17 5874.1520
 Carry Optics M Zilinskas 14.82 25 9332.4062
 Carry Optics J Derivan 16.00 8 2487.3319
 Carry Optics L Lobe 18.67 15 4925.9710
 Carry Optics J French 20.33 12 3472.1054
 Carry Optics D Moran 21.07 14 3775.5751
 Carry Optics M Hickle 21.86 21 5596.0454
 Carry Optics B Hill 21.91 11 2802.5971
 Carry Optics D Miller 23.36 11 2760.0568
 Carry Optics B Kapellusch 24.11 9 2221.7634
 Carry Optics N Peterson 27.55 11 2658.2534
 Carry Optics E Flotto 27.64 10 2482.6587
 Carry Optics M Hind 27.90 10 1564.1725
 Carry Optics L Heene 28.72 25 3842.7961
 Carry Optics T Skula 28.92 12 2561.6088

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