Match Director: Ronnie Tanner

Signup: 3:00pm – 6:30pm every 3rd Tuesday

Match Fees: Members $15.00     Non-Members $20.00

Results posted to NRL22 Rio Salado FaceBook Group Page or EMailed

Match Description:

Welcome to the NRL22 Precision Rifle match. It is held on the 3rd Tuesday of every month on the High Power Range at Rio Salado Sportsman Club.  There are four divisions:  Young Guns – 8 to 16 years of age, Ladies, Base Class and Open Class.  Young Gus must be accompanied by a parent/guardian and will shoot free. Only bolt action and semi-automatic rifles with removable magazines, chamber in 22 long rifle are permitted. It is recommended your rifle be equipped with a scope, preferably with turret-adjustable elevation and windage abilities. An Empty Chamber Indicator (ECI) is required. Eye and ear protection is mandatory.  You will shoot five monthly NRL22 stages plus a varying number of club stages. Paper and steel targets will challenge participants with various sized targets are distances up to 300 yards.  Stages are normally shots limited with a PAR time. Of the Monthly NRL22 stages, two stages will be shot from a barricade, two stages will be shot from a prone position and one stage will be shot from one of several positions which can be supported or unsupported. Club Stages will be shot from varying positions. A shooting bag - approximately the size of a volley ball, a shooting mat, bipod and rifle sling are suggested.  Required round count total will be between 70-140 rounds.

RULES:Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club and are applicable to the match. It is the shooters responsibility to understand and apply the rules.

Help: Each squad will require a RO, Spotter, and Score Keeper. These responsibilities can rotate between squad members. It is appreciated if shooters bring binoculars to verify target impacts.

Sighting in Target: After checking with Match Director, you may sight in your rifle at the designated sight in area.

Suggestions: As a member of NRL22.Org, your monthly 5 stage NRL22 scores are submitted to for national ranking. Membership information is located on the NRL22 web site.