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High Power Rifle Silhouette Division

Welcome to High Power Rifle Silhouette

Match Director: Brian Hunter
Phone: 602-295-4925
Email: Brian Hunter
Web: https://rsscaz.com/divisions/high-power-rifle-silhouette/

The Particulars:

New shooters are welcome. We have many experienced shooters in our club who are willing to help you through the process for the first time. Ask the Match Director and we will find a mentor for you. This is a friendly competition and we want your first experience to be SAFE and FUN.

Matches are held on the third Sunday of each month on the High Power Range. Matches start at 9:30 with practice available prior to the match. Be sure to check the calendar on the Rio Salado website for any changes. Arrive prior to 9am for sufficient time to register pay etc.

The match consists of 40 shots: 10 shots at chickens at 200 meters, 10 shots at pigs at 300 meters, 10 shots at turkeys at 385 meters and 10 shots at rams at 500 meters. Target setters are provided. Rifles 6mm or larger, no muzzle breaks, no belted magnums. See NRA website for rules and equipment specs etc.http://www.nrahq.org/compete/silhouette.asp

Match Fees:
Members  – $13
Non-Members  – $15

Helpful websites explaining our game:

Rifle Silhouette, The Long Range Shooting Arcade or the Steel Target Shooting Sport, Smallbore Rifle Silhouette and High Power Rifle Silhouette

NRA Silhouette Competition Rule Books

Rifle Silhouette Targets PDF File

See you at the match

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